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            Successful cases

            Based on the professional communication technology service strength, profound project management experience and nationwide service platform, Heqin communications provides network design, construction, maintenance and communication tower products and solutions for China mobile, China telecom, China unicom, China tower and other operators.

            Top-ranking Information and Technology Service Pro

            Promoting the development of Chinese information technology

            Heqin communication technology co., Ltd is a national key high-tech enterprise integrating product development, production, sales and technical service. We won 18 provincial branches in China and our corporate headquarters are in Putuo district of Shanghai. At present, we have more than 6000 employees, of which more than 80% are technical service personnel.

            Public focus on micro letter

            Headquarters address:No. 168 Liuyuan road, Putuo district, Shanghai Contact number:021-36567371 Email:zjhq@hqtx.net
            Production base:no. 298 Anwen road, Jinhua city, Zhejiang province Contact number:0579-82235919

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